Author = Moosavi, A.A.
Digital Mapping of Soil Texture Particles with Machine Learning Models and Environmental Covariates

Volume 37, Issue 6, January and February 2024, Pages 923-942


P. Khosravani; M. Baghernejad; A.A. Moosavi; S.R. Fallah Shamsi

Estimating the Soil Loss Tolerable (T-value) Using Linear and Regression Tree Methods

Volume 34, Issue 1, March and April 2020, Pages 179-193


Y. Ostovari; S.A.A. Mousavi; H. Mozaffari

The Effect of Vermicompost on Reducing the Adverse Effects of Water Stress on Growth and Chemical Composition of Corn in a Calcareous Soil

Volume 30, Issue 5, November and December 2016, Pages 1607-1619


leila zare; abdolmajid ronaghi; Seyed Ali Akbar Moosavi; Reza Ghasemi

Effect of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria on the Concentration and Uptake of Macro Nutrients by Corn in a Cd-contaminated Calcareous Soil under Drought Stress

Volume 30, Issue 4, September and October 2016, Pages 1170-1179


shahrzad karami; mehdi zarei; jafar yasrebi; najafali karimian; s.Ali Akbar Moosavi

Zoning the Groundwater Chemical Quality Attributes of Fasa Plain Using Geostatistical Approaches

Volume 27, Issue 4, September and October 2013, Pages 812-822


M. Zahedifar; S.A.A. Moosavi; M. Rajabi