Peer Review Process

The quality of manuscripts is peer-reviewed by at least three anonymous reviewers in the relevant research area to assess the submitted manuscripts in terms of originality, validity and significance before publication.

The peer review is a double blind process,which means that both the reviewers and authors identities are concealed from the reviewers, and vice versa, throughout the review process.

1- Registration of the article by the corresponding author in the journal system, including completing the authors' affiliation, uploading the article according to the journal's requested format, sending the commitment form, conflict of interest form, and an Excel file of the figures.

2- Announcing the decision of the chief editor and the editorial board concerning the article and, if necessary, referring to the specialized secretary

3- Returning the article to the author for some structural corrections (if any)

4- Sending the article to three experts reviewer in the subject field of the article

5- Reviewing article and notifying the decision by the reviewers along with completing the evaluation form and informing the chief editor about the quality and quantity of the article

At this stage, three modes are possible:

A. If two reviewers reject the article, the article will be removed from the journal process, and the author will be notified.

B. In case of requesting a general or partial modification of the article by reviewers (at least two reviewers), the article will be returned to the authors for modification and correction.

C. If the reviewers do not review within a certain time, the article will be sent to the new reviewers again.

6- Re-submitting the corrected article by the authors along with the answer file to the reviewers ' questions (maximum two weeks)

7- Sending the corrected article to the final reviewer to review the article

8- Presenting the final decision of the reviewers regarding the acceptance or rejection of the article

9- Approving the arbitration process in the editorial board meeting of the journal

10- If the article is rejected, the author will be notified, and if accepted, he/she will go to the next step.

11- Accepted articles will be returned to the author to deposit the publication fee (two million Rials).

12- The waiting time for articles in the print run depends on the number of approved articles.

In all stages of reviewing the article, neither the authors will be informed of the names of reviewers nor the reviewers will be informed of the names of the authors of the article.