The Effects of Water Soluble Polymers on Physical Properties of the Soils with Different Texture in Hamedan

Document Type : Research Article



Organic matter improves soil structure and any factor that decreases soil organic matter content causes soils structural instability. In soils with low organic matter content, soluble polymers can be used to increase the soil structural stability. In order to study the effects of polymer type and concentration on physical properties of soils with different texture, factorial experiment ..was ..conducted.. within ..completely ..randomized design ..with ..three replication. Three types of polymer (R790, TC108 and NC218) and three polymer concentration (1:1, 1:3 and 1:10 V/V polymer: water) were used in factorial combinations. Samples from soils with different texture were sprayed with different concentrations of the polymers and physical properties of polymer- treated soil samples were measured and compared with the control. Polymers application significantly enhanced the physical conditions of the soils. It increased the soil saturated hydraulic conductivity and dry and wet structural stabilities of the polymer-treated samples when compared with the control. The application of polymers decreased the dispersible clay and soil density of the polymer-treated soil samples. Increase of the soil saturated hydraulic conductivity and structural stability of the polymer-treated samples was greater for high polymer concentrations. The TC108 and R790 polymers were more effective than the NC218 polymer in improving the physical properties of the soils.