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Research Article
Evaluation and Comparison of Grey GM (1,1) and Skaggs Models in Estimating Particle Size Distribution of Soils in the Shahrekord Plain

H. Beigi Harchegani; Y. Ostovari

Volume 26, Issue 6 , January and February 2013, Pages 1318-1328


  Particle size distribution (PSD) is one of the most important soil physical properties. The Grey Model GM(1,1) is a new method and different from empirical and parametrical models for description and estimation of soil particle size distribution. In this study, the models of Grey GM(1,1) and Skaggs ...  Read More

Research Article
Effect of Municipal Solid Waste Compost and Sewage Sludge on Chemical Properties Soil

F. Akbarnejad; A. Astaraei; A. Fotovat; M. Nasiri Mahalati

Volume 26, Issue 6 , January and February 2013, Pages 1329-1338


  Recently Application of municipal solid waste compost and sewage sludge on the farm land had received considerable attention. These organic wastes provides a valuable source of organic matter and enhances crop yield and soil fertility by improving soil physical, chemical and biological properties. To ...  Read More

Research Article
Assessment of Agricultural Water Productivity for Maize in Evan Plain (Case Study in Sought Karkheh River Basin)

M. Moayeri; E. Pazira; H. Siadat; F. Abbasi; hossein dehghani

Volume 26, Issue 6 , January and February 2013, Pages 1339-1348


  This study was conducted to assess yield, water consumption, and water productivity of maize and the factors affecting it under farmers’ management conditions at the Karkheh River Basin, Iran, during 2006 and 2007 growing seasons. The studied farms were in Evan Plain that is located in the northern ...  Read More

Research Article
Qualitative Land Suitability Evaluation for Maize in Shahrekord Area Using FAO Method and ALES Program

J. Givi

Volume 26, Issue 6 , January and February 2013, Pages 1349-1359


  Optimal land utilization is important because of land degradation due to incorrect use and ever-increasing need for increasing yield per surface area unit. For this optimal use, crop specific land suitability evaluation is essential. The aim of this research was qualitative land suitability evaluation ...  Read More

Research Article
Comparison of SEBAL and S-SEBI Algorithms in Estimating Evapotranspiration in Karaj Region

B. Hassanpour; F. Mirzaei; S. Arshad; H. Kossari

Volume 26, Issue 6 , January and February 2013, Pages 1360-1371


  In the present study, two methods of predicting evapotranspiration by the use of satellite images were compared. Field data in a corn site was measured at agricultural engineering research institute private farm in 6 days. Consequently MODIS images were used for predicting evapotranspiration by SEBAL ...  Read More

Research Article
Assessment of Clogging Potential of Three Different Synthetic Drainage Envelopes in Application of Saline Water and Soil by Permeability Test

A. Hassanoghli; Sh. Pedram

Volume 26, Issue 6 , January and February 2013, Pages 1395-1409


  Conventional graded granular filters which are commonly used in subsurface drainage projects in Iran, encounter various difficulties such as huge costs and long distances from source of gravels and led to use of other materials as envelopes. Synthetic products can be justified over granular filters ...  Read More

Research Article
Spatial Distribution Mapping of Pb, Zn and Cd and Soil Pollution Assessment in Anguran Area of Zanjan Province

S. Abdollahi; Mohammad Amir Delavar; P. Shekari

Volume 26, Issue 6 , January and February 2013, Pages 1410-1420


  Soil contamination by heavy metals and its long-term detrimental effects on environment and human health is a present-day concern of environmental scientists. The aims of this paper is to present the results of spatial distribution mapping of heavy metals in topsoils (0-10 cm) using 315 georeferenced ...  Read More

Research Article
Evaluation of Application of Plastic Mulch on Water Used and Seed Cotton Yield

H. Afshar; Hossin Sadrghaen; hamid reza mehrabadi

Volume 26, Issue 6 , January and February 2013, Pages 1421-1427


  To decree evapotranspiration from soil surface and improving irrigation efficiency and reduce water usage in cotton cultivation , plastic mulch was applied in furrow irrigation. This study was performed as a split plot experiment in capability randomized complete block design, in 3 replications. The ...  Read More

Research Article
Effective Parameters on Formation of Undular Flow on the Broad-Crested Weirs

M.R. Madadi; Davoud Farsadi; A. Hosseinzadeh Dalir

Volume 26, Issue 6 , January and February 2013, Pages 1428-1439


  Undular flow on broad-crested weirs is a phenomenon occurs under certain hydraulic conditions. In this case the flow surface on the weir transforms to a sinusoidal wave and the number of waves may vary from one to over 10. Forming of this phenomenon leads to error in measurement of flow discharge by ...  Read More

Research Article
Improving Model Efficiency of HYDRUS-2D by Considering Temporal Variability in Soil Hydraulic Properties

H. Pouryazdankhah; M.R. Khaledian

Volume 26, Issue 6 , January and February 2013, Pages 1440-1449


  In recent decades, using drip irrigation has been developed because of water resources deficiency. As irrigation system design and its installation is expensive and time consuming, so its designing should be in a way which the system can supply plant water requirement. Nowadays, there are models that ...  Read More

Research Article
Field Evaluation and Analysis of Surface Irrigation System with WinSRFR (Case Study Furrow Irrigation)

Z. Taghizadeh; V.R. Verdinejad; H. Ebrahimian; N. Khanmohammadi

Volume 26, Issue 6 , January and February 2013, Pages 1450-1459


  The low irrigation application efficiency is the major problem of surface irrigation systems due to weak management and poor design. In this research, in order to analyze the performance of furrow irrigation system, a field experiment was conducted during maize growing season. Three furrow irrigation ...  Read More

Research Article
Study on Chemical Forms of Lead and Zinc in the Rhizosphere of some Maize and Canola Cultivars

A. Golestani Fard; H. Mirseyed Hosseini; Gholam Reza Savaghebi; Gh.R. Savaghebi

Volume 26, Issue 6 , January and February 2013, Pages 1460-1472


  In this research chemical forms of lead and zinc in bulk and rhizosphere soil of different cultivars of maize and canola were determined by sequential and single step extraction methods. Some factors affecting chemical transformation of the two elements such as pH, dissolved organic carbon (DOC), their ...  Read More

Research Article
Effects of Nitrification Inhibitor 3,4-Dimethylpyrazole Phosphate (DMPP) and Phosphorus (P) on the Yield and P Use Efficiency of Wheat

F. Ehsanpour; Sh. Kiani; alireza hosseinpuor

Volume 26, Issue 6 , January and February 2013, Pages 1473-1482


  Low phosphorus use efficiency in calcareous soils is one of the problems of wheat production in the fields, all over the world. This experiment was conducted to elucidate the effects of nitrification inhibitor (NI) 3,4-dimethylpyrazole phosphate (DMPP) and phosphorus (P) levels on the yield and P use ...  Read More

Research Article
Study of Phosphorus Acquisition Ability in Medicinal Plants of Salvia virgata, Achillea millefolium and Ziziphora clinopodioides Lam in Low Phosphorus Soils

R. Khorassani; M. Azizi; H. Rahmani

Volume 26, Issue 6 , January and February 2013, Pages 1483-1491


  Most of medicinal plants are able to grow in low P supply as well. In order to study the ability of some medicinal plant species, a greenhouse experiment was conducted with Salvia virgata, Achillea millefolium and Ziziphora clinopodioides Lam in a low P soil. The experiment was undertaken with three ...  Read More

Research Article
Change in Bioavailability and Fractions of Copper in the Rhizosphere of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) in Some Calcareous Soils

H.R. Motaghian; A. Hosseinpour; jahangard mohammadi; Fayez Raiesi

Volume 26, Issue 6 , January and February 2013, Pages 1492-1504


  Rhizosphere is a small zone and has quite different chemical, physical and biological properties from bulk soil. This research was conducted to investigate the availability and fractionation of copper in the wheat rhizosphere and bulk soils by using rhizobox at greenhouse conditions. Three seeds of wheat ...  Read More

Research Article
Effect of Micro Irrigation Systems on Yield and Phytophthora capsici Disease Control of Pepper

S.H. Sadreghaen

Volume 26, Issue 6 , January and February 2013, Pages 1505-1513


  This study was conducted to determine the best micro irrigation system for pepper cultivation during two years. The goal of this study was water saving and reduction the disease progress (Phytophthora capsici) in the field condition. Experimental design was split plot based on randomized complete blocks ...  Read More

Research Article
Effect of Deficit Irrigation and Partial Rootzone Drying on Yield, Yield Components and Water use efficiency of maize (Zea mays L.) SC 704.

Saeid Boroomand Nasab; Mohammad javad khangani

Volume 26, Issue 6 , January and February 2013, Pages 1514-1521


  Deficit irrigation is an optimization strategy for water use efficiency in irrigation. This research was conducted to evaluation effect of deficit irrigation (DI) and partial root zone drying (PRD) on yield, yield components and water use efficiency of corn. Research was conducted on Shahid Bahonar University ...  Read More

Research Article
Effect of Landform's Type on The Results of Geopedology Approach in Soil Mapping of The Damavand Region

Z. Rashidi Koochi; Isa Esfandiarpour Borujeni; A. Abbaspoor

Volume 26, Issue 6 , January and February 2013, Pages 1535-1546


  Geopedology which is a systematic approach to analyze the influence of the geomorphic levels on soil mapping, makes it possible to generalize the soil survey results in one geomorphic unit to the other similar units of a studied area that resulted in reducing the time and costs of soil survey. The main ...  Read More

Research Article
Effect of Irrigation with Waste Water on Soil Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity

M. Karimzadeh; A. Alizadeh; M. Mohammady Arya

Volume 26, Issue 6 , January and February 2013, Pages 1533-1547


  One of the important factors that limits the maintenance and expansion of agriculture in irrigated lands of arid areas is the water shortage. Reuse of the municipal waste water effluent as one of the uncommon water resources especially around the big cities has received a lot of attention. One of the ...  Read More