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Research Article
Biodegradation of Normal-Hexadecane in Soil by Pseudomonas and Selected Native Bacteria from Crud Oil Contaminated Regions

S. Saeidi; A. Fotovat; A. Lakzian

Volume 27, Issue 2 , May and June 2013, Pages 257-265


  The biodegradation of normal-hexadecane by bacteria is one of the important aspects of bioremediation. The aim of this study was to investigate degradation of normal hexadacane (with level of contamination, 2500 mg.kg-1) by Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Pseudomonas putida and native bacteria of contaminated ...  Read More

Research Article
Weathering Inrensity and Investigation of Weathring Indices in som Soils Developed on Igneous Rocks in West-north of Iran

maryam yousefifard; shamsollah Ayoubi; A. Jalalian

Volume 27, Issue 2 , May and June 2013, Pages 266-281


  This study was conducted to assess different chemical weathering indices and to evaluate the weathering rates of soils developed on volcanic (hornbelende andesite, pyroxene andesite and dacite) and plutonic (alkali granite, granodiorite, monzodiorite, syenite and pyroxene diorite) igneous rocks in the ...  Read More

Research Article
Applying Stochastic Goal Programming to Water Resource Management

Kh. Salimifard; Kh. Mostafaee Dowlatabad

Volume 27, Issue 2 , May and June 2013, Pages 282-291


  In this research, stochastic goal programming is applied in water resource management. It is a multi-attribute decision support model which produces satisfactory solutions in uncertainty conditions. The satisfaction of beneficiary users and ecological impacts are investigated in this paper. Also, using ...  Read More

Research Article
Application of Agricultur Water Allocation and Management by PSO Optimization Technic (Case study: Nayshabur Plaine)

A. Khashei Siuki; B. Ghahraman; M. Kouchakzadeh

Volume 27, Issue 2 , May and June 2013, Pages 292-303


  Nayshabour plain in Khorasan Razavi with arid and semi-arid climate, have an important role in agricultural production by using groundwater resources. In this study, by using groundwater balance model the equations which are required for estimating water table variations is obtained for plain. afterwards ...  Read More

Research Article
Evaluation of Water Salinity and Sodicity Effect on Diffusivity and Unsaturated Hydraulic Conductiviy

S. Khazaei; H. Ansari; B. Ghahraman; A.N. Ziaee

Volume 27, Issue 2 , May and June 2013, Pages 304-312


  With increasing population and scarcity of fresh water,one of possible solutions is, using marginal waters (saline and sodic water). Using marginal waters should be taken into consideration and special studies. Since most processes related to soil and water, take place in unsaturated field condition, ...  Read More

Research Article
Estimating Soil Water Retention Curve Including Hysteresis Using Inverse Modeling and Scott's and Mualem's Models in two Different Soils

F. Abbasi

Volume 27, Issue 2 , May and June 2013, Pages 313-327


  Water movement in unsaturated soils is commonly affected by hysteresis which is often ignored in the mathematical description of water flow and solute transport. In this study, hysteresis in soil water retention curve was quantified at lysimeter scale in sandy loam and silty loam soils and results of ...  Read More

Research Article
Experimental Investigation of Dune Dimensions on Flow Structure and Separation Length using ADV and PIV

A. Motamedi; H. Afzalimehr

Volume 27, Issue 2 , May and June 2013, Pages 328-341


  This research presents recent advances on morphodynamic modeling over gravel dunes. Experiments were carried out on flow over 4 different dunes developed in 12m flume at Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resource Management of Technical University of Graz, Austria. Dunes are developed in the ...  Read More

Research Article
Introducing and Application of Combined BL-ARCH Model for Daily River flow Forecasting (Case study: Shahar-Chai River)

A. Fakheri Fard; yaghoub dinpazhoh; F. Ahmadi; J. Behmanesh

Volume 27, Issue 2 , May and June 2013, Pages 342-350


  One of the applicable ways for simulation and forecasting hydrological processes is time series modeling. An important problem in forecasting hydrological data using time series is generating stochastic data. Any changes in stochastic series will change generating data. In this study nonlinear ARCH model ...  Read More

Research Article
Study and Comparison of Microbial Reduction of Structural Fe (III) in Nontronite, Goethite and Hematite

nasrin ghorbanzadeh; A. Lakzian; Gh. Haghnia; Ali reza Karimi

Volume 27, Issue 2 , May and June 2013, Pages 351-362


  Microbial reduction is an important process that affects properties of ferric clay mineralas and iron biogeochemical cycling in natural environments. Oxyhydroxides and phyllosilicates are two major sources of iron in soils, rocks and sediments that potentially have ability to bioreduced over the time. ...  Read More

Research Article
The Application of Two-point Method for Estimation of Flow Hydrodynamic Parameters in Mountainous Cobble-Bed Rivers

S.E. Bagheri; H. Afzali Mehr; E. Fazel Najaf Abadi

Volume 27, Issue 2 , May and June 2013, Pages 363-372


  The study of mountainous rivers is recently considered by hydraulic researchers. Ten cross sections of a cobble-bed river, Behesht Abad, located in the central Iran were applied in this study. The distribution of velocity profile in cobble-bed and accuracy of two-point method to estimate the parameters ...  Read More

Research Article
Investigation of Effect of Clay-Lime Mulch for Sand Dunes Fixation

F. Hazirei; Mohammad Zare Ernani

Volume 27, Issue 2 , May and June 2013, Pages 373-380


  Sand dunes movement is one of the critical processes of desertification. Mulching is one of the methods of sand movement control. Oil mulches have been used in Iran. Because of high cost and negative environmental impacts of oil mulches, changes in mulch type sand mulching methods is vital. Therefore, ...  Read More

Research Article
Performance Comparison of Integrated Models of NN-ARX and ANFIS with GA-GT to Daily Pan Evaporation Estimation Under Arid and Hot Climate of Baluchistan

J. Soltani; A. Moghaddamnia; J. Piri; J. Mirmoradzehi

Volume 27, Issue 2 , May and June 2013, Pages 381-393


  Nowadays, accurate estimation of evaporation as one of the important elements of hydrological cycle can play an important role in sustainable development and optimal water resources management of the countries facing water crisis. Up to now, empirical methods and formulas on estimation of non-linear ...  Read More

Research Article
Vertical and Horizontal Variability of Lead and Nicel in Zobahan Industrial District, Isfahan

salman naimi marandi; shamsollah Ayoubi; H. Khademi

Volume 27, Issue 2 , May and June 2013, Pages 394-405


  Soil pollution by heavy metals from the manufacturing process due to metal smelting plants closely related to human health is very important. Given the importance of the province to industrial and agricultural activities, this study was conducted to explore the vertical and horizontal variability of ...  Read More

Research Article
Remediation of Some Soil Heavy Metals by Corn and Canola in Single and Mixed Culture System

Y. Azimzadeh; H. Shariatmadari

Volume 27, Issue 2 , May and June 2013, Pages 406-414


  Phytoremediation is one of the lowest-cost methods for remediation of soils contaminated with heavy metals. This study was conducted to investigate the phytoremediation potential of corn and canola, grown under single and mixed culture systems. Thus, a pot experiment was carried out on a calcareous ...  Read More

Research Article
Assessing the Rate of Transfer of Inorganic and Biological Contaminants Present in the Wastewater to the Soil Profile as a Result of Artificial Recharge Operations

H.R. Javani; A. Liaghat; A. Hassanoghli

Volume 27, Issue 2 , May and June 2013, Pages 422-431


  Based on limited water resources, increasing population, the need for high volume production and waste disposal, it is necessary to increase the reuse of wastewater. Artificial recharge using one of the most important methods of wastewater re-use of this resource is valuable. Necessary in order to utilization ...  Read More

Research Article
Evaluation of Subsurface Drainage System Performance under Preventing Water Flow from upper Side Condition

A. Shahnazari; A. Ziatabar Ahmadi; Mirkhaleg Ziatabar Ahmadi; Gh. Aghajani

Volume 27, Issue 2 , May and June 2013, Pages 432-440


  The downward flow to the drain pipe, has a greater influence on the movement of soil particles toward drain envelope as compared with the horizontaland radialflow. In this study, by installing of a singular subsurface drainage systemconsisting of threedrain pipeswith drain spacing of 20 m and drain depth ...  Read More

Research Article
Effect of Biofertilizer and Chemical Fertilizer on Wheat Yield under Two Soil Types in Experimental Greenhouse
Volume 27, Issue 2 , May and June 2013, Pages 441-451


  Biofertilizers can be used as complementary in sustainable agriculture. The main target of this study was effects of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers and chemical fertilizers on wheat yield and yield components in two soil types. Experimental design as the factorial formed completely randomized design ...  Read More

Research Article
Application of Alfalfa Residue, Poultry Manure and Potassium Fertilizer on some Soil Properties and Onion Yield

M. Mahmoodabadi; O.L. Rashidi; M. Fekri

Volume 27, Issue 2 , May and June 2013, Pages 452-461


  This study focused on the effect of organic manures as well as potassium fertilizer on some soil properties and onion yield at the field condition. The experiments were carried out as factorial in a randomized complete block design with three replications. The treatments were poultry manure (10 t ha-1), ...  Read More