Volume & Issue: Volume 30, Issue 1 - Serial Number 45, March and April 2016 

Research Article

Assessment of Climate Change Effects on Shahcheraghi Reservoir Inflow

Pages 1-14


M. E. Banihabib; K. Hasani; A. R. Massah Bavani

Potential of Flavobacterium as Biofertilizer to Increase Wheat Yield

Pages 125-135


H. Asadi Rahmani; A. Lakzian; J. Ghaderi; P. Keshavarz; H. Haghighatnia; K. Mirzashahi; M. R. Ramezanpour; A. Charati Arayi; A. Mohammadi Torkashvand

Reconstruction of the palaeoenvironment using biomarkers and clay mineralogy in loess deposits of northern Iran

Pages 149-161


A. Shahriari; F. Khormali; Martin kehl; Ali reza Karimi; M. Mousavidastenaei; E. Lehndorff

Adaptation Strategies of Wheat to Climate Change (Case Study: Ahvaz Region)

Pages 300-311


M. Delghandi; S. Broomandnasab; B. Andarzian; A.R. Massah-Bovani