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Research Article
Effect of Biochar and Azosprillum lipoferum bacteria on Yield and Water Use Efficiency Indices of Tarom Hashemi Rice Cultivar under Flooded and Alternation Irrigation Regimes

M. Kaveh; M.A. Esmaili; Hematolah Pirdashti; M.R. Ardakani

Volume 34, Issue 5 , November and December 2020, Pages 1003-1018


  Introduction: Rice is a staple food source and the most important grain in developing countries, which is most commonly consumed by more than 90 percent of the world populations. Moreover, this plant is produced and consumed in Asia. However this major crop faces severe limitations such as water scarcity ...  Read More

Research Article
The Effect of Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation Systems on Yield and Water Productivity of Rice in Transplanting and Direct Cultivation Methods

M. Karimi Fard; M. Zakerinia; A.R. Kiani; Mohammadtaghi Feyzbakhsh

Volume 34, Issue 5 , November and December 2020, Pages 1019-1032


  Introduction: Rice is the second most important edible grain after wheat in Iran. The most important factor for sustainable production in rice production lands, is water. Almost 75 percent of the world's rice is produced from paddy fields and rice is the largest consumer of water among all crops. Its ...  Read More

Research Article
Evaluation and Zonation of Sensitive Areas to Gully Erosion Using Fuzzy Logic (Case Study: Ghaleh Gorg Watershed- Shushtar)

M.R. Ansari; F. Soleimani; A. Ahmadi

Volume 34, Issue 5 , November and December 2020, Pages 1033-1045


  Introduction: Soil erosion is the most widespread form of soil degradation jeopardizing food security worldwide. In Iran, gully erosion is important because about 90% of the country has arid and semi-arid climates and rainfall is not adequately distributed. In such conditions, the absence or lack of ...  Read More

Research Article
Effect of Super Strains of Bacillus and Staphylococcus Isolated from Dryland Farming on Quantitative and Qualitative Indices of Wheat under Stress Condition

E. Shirmohammadi; H.A. Alikhani; Ahmad Ali Pourbabaee; H. Etesami

Volume 34, Issue 5 , November and December 2020, Pages 1047-1059


  Introduction: Stresses of drought, salinity and deficiency of nutrients especially phosphorus (P) are the most important challenges for wheat production in Iran. One of the ways to achieve more wheat yield production is increasing of this plants tolerance to stresses of water-deficit, salinity and deficiency ...  Read More

Research Article
Introducing Amino Acid and Chitosan Iron Chelates as Available Sources of Iron in Nutrient Solutions by Strategy I and II Plants

atena mirbolook; Mirhasan Rasouli-Sadaghiani; E. Sepehr; A. Lakzian; M. Hakimi

Volume 34, Issue 5 , November and December 2020, Pages 1061-1079


  Introduction: Iron (Fe) is an important micronutrient that plays a role in several crop physiological processes such as photosynthesis, respiration, and synthesis of heme proteins, DNA, RNA, and hormones. The most common Fe source used in agriculture is Fe-EDDHA. However, the usage of this chelate may ...  Read More

Research Article
Comparison of Soil Taxonomy (2014) and WRB (2015) in Classification of Soils in Iranshahr and Dalghan Regions, Sistan and Baloochestan Province

S. Sanjari; M.H. Farpoor; M. Mahmoodabadi; S. Barkhori

Volume 34, Issue 5 , November and December 2020, Pages 1081-1091


  Introduction Increasing demand for an international classification system as a unique communication tool in soil science has caused development of different systems.  Like many other countries, Soil Taxonomy and WRB are the most popular soil classification systems in Iran. Genetic and morphologic ...  Read More

Research Article
Comparative Survey of Organic Matter, Biological and Acid-causing Treatments Effects on Availability of Nutrient Elements in a Calcareous Soil

Sh. Haghighi; Z. Sharifi

Volume 34, Issue 5 , November and December 2020, Pages 1093-1107


  Introduction: Calcareous soils are described as soils containing quantities of calcium carbonate which have an enormously effect on the soil properties (physical, consisting of soil water relations and soil crusting, or chemical consisting of the availability of plant nutrients) and plant growth. Calcareous ...  Read More

Research Article
Investigating the Effect of Engineered Biochars on Lead Desorption Kinetics in Contaminated Calcareous Soils

Z. Dianat Maharluei; M. Fekri; M. Mahmoodabadi; A. Saljooqi; M. Hejazi

Volume 34, Issue 5 , November and December 2020, Pages 1109-1124


  Introduction: Today, soil pollution is an important environmental issue that should be taken into account. Industrial activities cause pollution and accumulation of heavy metals in the soil. Soil pollution significantly reduces the quality of the environment and threatens human health. Heavy metals are ...  Read More

Research Article
Investigation of the Soil Quality Indices in Irrigated Wheat Farms of Nazarabad Region in West of Alborz Province

Rasoul Mirkhani; A.R. Vaezi; hamed rezaei

Volume 34, Issue 5 , November and December 2020, Pages 1125-1139


  Introduction: Awareness of the physical, chemical and biological quality of soil in agriculture and natural resources is essential for optimal land management and achieving maximum economic productivity. Soil has various functions, including crop production ability, carbon storage, water retention, nutrient ...  Read More

Research Article
Regression Patterns of Diurnal Temperature in Different Climatic Regions of Iran

B. Mirkamandar; Seied Hosein Sanaei-Nejad; H. Rezaee-Pazhand; M. Farzandi

Volume 34, Issue 5 , November and December 2020, Pages 1141-1156


  Introduction: The behavior of daily changes in temperature is not straightforward. We first drew the curve of this variable on a normal day. It can be seen that the distribution of this variable was not normal. The curve of this variable was a skewed curve to the right. Therefore, the equal coefficients ...  Read More

Research Article
Meteorological Drought Characteristics Analysis under Climate Change Effect Using Copula in Fars Province

S.M. Farmanara; B. Bakhtiari; N. Sayari

Volume 34, Issue 5 , November and December 2020, Pages 1157-1173


  Introduction: Drought is an extreme climate effect and a creeping phenomenon which directly affects the human life. A drought analysis usually requires characterizing drought severity, duration and frequency (SDF). These characteristic variables are commonly not independent, so this phenomenon is a complex ...  Read More

Research Article
Linear, Nonlinear and Hybrid Response of Potential Evaporation to Meteorological Variables (Case Study: Tabriz Synoptic Station)

H. Mirhashemi

Volume 34, Issue 5 , November and December 2020, Pages 1175-1188


  Introduction: Potential evaporation is the result of the combined effects of several meteorological elements, including air temperature, relative humidity (or vapor pressure for saturation), wind speed, sunshine hours and air pressure. The amount of potential evaporation depends on how these variables ...  Read More

Research Article
Analysis of the long - term trend of the tropopause pressure levels over the atmosphere of Iran in the warm and the cold seasons

H. Asakereh; S.A. Masoodian; M. Darand; S. Zandkarimi

Volume 34, Issue 5 , November and December 2020, Pages 1189-1202


  Introduction: Studies of the atmosphere over the last hundred years have shown that human activities have caused changes in the atmosphere. The tropopause is one of the layers of the atmosphere whose changes have recently been introduced as a sign of a human impact on climate change. The height ...  Read More