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Research Article Irrigation
Evapotranspiration Estimation at Landscape Scale by WUCOLS, PF and IPOS Methods (Karaj)

Z. Sojoodi; H. Shokati; Y. Sojoodi; M. Mashal

Volume 36, Issue 1 , March and April 2022, Pages 1-15


  IntroductionThe constructive effects of green spaces on the quality and livability of the urban environment have been reported in many studies. Therefore, using methods that can accurately estimate the evaporation of transpiration in green space can help to reduce water loss. The purpose of estimating ...  Read More

Research Article Irrigation
Assessment the Performance of IHACRES Model Using ARMAX and EXPUH Linear Methods (Case Study: Shoor River Basin in Ghaen)

M. Fouladi Nasrabad; M. Amirabadizadeh; M. Pourreza-Bilondi; M. Yaghoobzadeh

Volume 36, Issue 1 , March and April 2022, Pages 17-30


  IntroductionThe watershed acts as a hydrological unit regulating the quantity and quality of the water cycle, and human beings have incurred high costs due to ignorance of this complex cycle and lack of planning of projects in terms of the relationship between water management and community development.Knowledge ...  Read More

Research Article Irrigation
Simulation of Groundwater Balance Using Integrated Surface and Groundwater SWAT-MODFLOW-NWT Model (Case Study: Mahabad Plain)

O. Raja; M. Parsinejad; M. Tajrishi

Volume 36, Issue 1 , March and April 2022, Pages 31-52


  Introduction Surface and groundwater conjunctively interact at different spatial or temporal scales within a plain. In many plain, surface and groundwater resources are used in combination in agriculture. Therefore, it is important to accurately predict the components of groundwater and surface ...  Read More

Research Article Soil science
Effect of Bacterial Surfactant along with Application of Chelators on Soluble Cadmium in a Calcareous Soil

S. Arabteymori; A. Halajnia; A. Lakzian; F. Nikbin

Volume 36, Issue 1 , March and April 2022, Pages 53-65


  Introduction Surfactants as surface-active substances with combined hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties are widely used in various fields. In soil remediation processes these substances can be used to increase the availability of organic and inorganic contaminants to improve microbial decomposition ...  Read More

Research Article Soil science
Interactive Effects of Pb (NO3)2, Biochar and Salicylic acid on Growth Characteristics of Thyme (Thymus vulgaris L.)

B. Rezaei; A. Amirinejad; M. Ghobadi

Volume 36, Issue 1 , March and April 2022, Pages 67-79


  IntroductionIndustrial development has resulted in higher soils pollution with heavy metals. Plants which are subjected to heavy metals may severely lose their yield capabilities. Applying improving compounds in the soil is a new method to reduce effects of heavy metals on plants growth. Biochar as a ...  Read More

Research Article Soil science
The Effect of Mychorhizae Symbiosis on Nutrient Concentration in Common Almond (Prunus dulcis Mill.) Rootstocks in Drought Stress Condition

M. Mohammadi

Volume 36, Issue 1 , March and April 2022, Pages 81-94


  Introduction Almond (Prunusdulcis Mill.), native to West Asia to the Mediterranean, and Iran after the United States and Spain has a third rank in production of this product in the world. Drought stress is one of the most important factors limiting the yield and production of agricultural products. ...  Read More

Research Article Soil science
Evaluating the Role of Different Management Systems on Soil Quality Index Using Crop Yield (Case Study: Neyshabour Plain, Iran)

F. Maghami Moghim; A.R. Karimi; M. Bagheri Bodaghabadi; H. Emami

Volume 36, Issue 1 , March and April 2022, Pages 95-112


  Introduction The type of management operations and land use systems are the key parameters affecting the soil quality and sustainable land use. The exploitation systems by efficient use of soil and water recourse can decrease productions costs and increase the yield as well as conserve the ...  Read More

Research Article Soil science
Effect of Organic and Chemical Conditioners on Aggregate Stability, Least Limiting Water Range and Integral Water Capacity under Wheat Cultivation in Saline Soils

A. Nosrati Miandoab; H. Emami; A. Astaraei; M.R. Mosadeghi; H. Asgarzadeh

Volume 36, Issue 1 , March and April 2022, Pages 113-126


  IntroductionSoil salinity has a negative effect on physical, chemical and biological properties of soil. Salinity also affects the relationships between soil and plants, which in turn has a significant effect on plant growth. One of the solutions used to reduce the effects of salinity and improve the ...  Read More

Research Article Agricultural Meteorology
Spring Frost Early Warning for Apple Orchards Using WRF Model

S.M. Ebnehejazi; H. Yazdanpanah; S. Movahedi; M.A. Nasr-Esfahani; M. Moradizadeh

Volume 36, Issue 1 , March and April 2022, Pages 127-144


  Introduction Agricultural products frost in spring imposes heavy financial losses to agriculture particularly in northwest of Iran’s orchards. Not only temperature is one of the most important climate parameters but also it is a very crucial element in the agricultural sector. Untimely temperature ...  Read More

Research Article Irrigation
Spatiotemporal Estimation of Precipitation Using GPM Satellite Data in Jazmourian Catchment

K. Raispour; B. Salahe; B. Abad

Volume 36, Issue 1 , March and April 2022, Pages 145-165


  Introduction Precipitation is the most important element of water level that recognizing its temporal-spatial characteristics at different scales is an important step towards better understanding and modeling of the hydrological cycle and related phenomena such as floods. Drought, landslides, snow ...  Read More