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Research Article Irrigation
Evaluation of the Influence of Different ETO Estimation Methods in Simulation of Wheat Actual Evapotranspiration and Biomass by AquaCrop Model

H. Ramezani Etedali; F. Safari

Volume 37, Issue 1 , March and April 2023, Pages 1-14


  IntroductionEvaluation of plant models in agriculture has been done by many researchers. The purpose of this work is to determine the appropriate plant model for planning and predicting the response of crops in different regions. This action is made it possible to study the effect of various factors ...  Read More

Research Article Irrigation
Determination of the Catchment Area and the Capture Zone of Chelleh Khanehe Olya Spring (Soufiyan)

Abdorreza Vaezihir; Vahede Aghaie; Mehri Tabarmayeh

Volume 37, Issue 1 , March and April 2023, Pages 15-29


  IntroductionDetermining the capture zone of water resources is a strategic approach proposed at the national level of water resources management in Iran. One of the important actions for this purpose is protection of karst water resources, which are considered one of the vital sources for supplying water ...  Read More

Research Article Soil science
Comparison of the Efficiency of Different Plants to Remove Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons from Oilfield Soils

Naghshineh Yari Nilavareh; Ali Beheshti Ale Agha; Mahin Karami; Marzieh Sadeghi

Volume 37, Issue 1 , March and April 2023, Pages 31-43


  IntroductionCrude oil is a complex combination of many hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon compounds, including heavy metals, which affect the physical and chemical properties of the soil, cause the soil particles to stick and connect and then cause the soil to become stiff and impenetrable. Contamination ...  Read More

Research Article Soil science
The Application of Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Model in Land Suitability Assessment

Sahar Akhavan; Ahmad Jalalian; N. Toomanian; N. Honarjoo

Volume 37, Issue 1 , March and April 2023, Pages 45-62


  IntroductionLand suitability analysis and land use mapping are one of the most practical applications of Geographic Information Systems in land resource management. Complexities in soil have briefly limited studies on how it functions (Karlen, 2008). There are many methods from different centers including ...  Read More

Research Article Soil science
Effects of Spent Mushroom Substrates and Alfalfa Green Manure on Selected Fertility Indicators of Soil Quality and Spinach’s Nutrients

Tahmeineh Gheitasi Ranjbar; M. Nael

Volume 37, Issue 1 , March and April 2023, Pages 63-75


  IntroductionConventional cropping systems, dependent on heavy application of chemical fertilizers, are not ecologically and environmentally sustainable; they are a threat for soil and water quality and, in consequence, for plant and human health. Nitrogen fertilizers are heavily applied in conventional ...  Read More

Research Article Soil science
Impact of Iron Ore Mining on the Concentration of some Heavy Metals and Soil Pollution Zoning (Case Study: Sangan Iron Ore Mine, Khaf-Iran)

Reyhaneh Kashtabeh; M. Akbari; Ava Heidari; Aliasghar Najafpour

Volume 37, Issue 1 , March and April 2023, Pages 77-94


  IntroductionOne of the most fundamental global environmental challenges in the past two decades has been the issue of soil pollution and degradation. Soil, as an important environmental element, has played a significant role in food production, human health, and living organisms, but various factors, ...  Read More

Research Article Soil science
The Effect of Wetting and Drying Cycles on Selected Physical Indicators of Biochar- and Rockwool-Based Growth Media

Sh. Shahmansouri; M.R. Mosaddeghi; H. Shariatmadari

Volume 37, Issue 1 , March and April 2023, Pages 95-112


  IntroductionMonitoring the changes in physical and hydraulic properties and stability of growth media due to root growth effects and wetting and drying cycles is important. Wetting and drying cycles can probably change physical characteristics, availability of water, air and nutrients for the plant and, ...  Read More

Research Article Soil science
Selectivity and Adsorption of Potassium by Bentonites Saturated with Calcium, Magnesium and Sodium

Shabnam Jalilian; Faranak Ranjbar

Volume 37, Issue 1 , March and April 2023, Pages 113-127


  IntroductionThe relative preference and the cation exchange capacity of the exchanger are among the important and determining factors in the adsorption and retention of cations. Studies have shown that factors such as valency, the size of the hydrated radius or the relative hydration energy of ions, ...  Read More

Research Article Agricultural Meteorology
Comparison of Machine Learning Methods in the Selection of Predictors of Atmospheric-Ocean General Circulation Models

M. Amirabadizadeh; Mahdieh Frozanmehr; M. Yaghoobzadeh; Saeideh Hosainabadi

Volume 37, Issue 1 , March and April 2023, Pages 129-143


   IntroductionNowadays, climate change is one of the human challenges in the exploitation and management of water resources. Temperature along with precipitation is one of the most important climatic elements and is one of the main factors in zoning and climatic classification. Due to location of ...  Read More

Research Article Agricultural Meteorology
Synoptic-Dynamic Analysis of Heavy Rainfall Leading to Flooding in Golestan Province in March 2019

Firooz Abdolalizadeh; Ali Mohammadkhorshiddoust

Volume 37, Issue 1 , March and April 2023, Pages 145-164


  IntroductionHeavy rains often occur in small areas, but they may be the result of large-scale systems and their energy and moisture are provided from distant areas (Mohamadei et al., 2010). Therefore, identification of synoptic systems is of great importance in order to predict precipitation. Although ...  Read More