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Research Article Irrigation
Evaluation of Irrigation Water Application and Water Footprint of Major Agricultural and Horticultural Crops in the Markazi Province

M. Goodarzi; F. Abbasi; A. Hedayatipour

Volume 37, Issue 4 , September and October 2023, Pages 503-517


  IntroductionThe lack of water resources and increase in water demand are among the effective factors in the imbalance of the water resources in each region, and it is necessary to manage the proper use of available water resources in all activities. Water in the agricultural sector is one of the main ...  Read More

Research Article Irrigation
Estimation of Water Requirement of Different Phenological Stages of Green Cumin Plant in Different Regions of Isfahan Province

A.H. Jalali; H. Salemi

Volume 37, Issue 4 , September and October 2023, Pages 519-530


  IntroductionCumin (Cuminum cyminum L.) is an annual and herbaceous plant, with a vertical, round, narrow and branched stem, with a height of approximately 30-60 cm. This plant belongs to the Apiaceae family. This family is known for having plants with aromatic taste. Iran and some countries along the ...  Read More

Research Article Irrigation
Common Water Resources Conflict Analysis due to Agriculture Land Development Using Game Theory and GMCR+ (Case Study: Nazlouchay Basin in Urmia Lake Watershed)

M. Koohani; J. Behmanesh; V.R. Verdinejad; M. Mohammadpour

Volume 37, Issue 4 , September and October 2023, Pages 531-545


  IntroductionLand-use changes and development of irrigated agricultural lands are very important factors that affect natural resources such as the quantity and quality of water resources and the environment. Land use change is attributed to two major processes. The first process is the change in land ...  Read More

Research Article Soil science
Investigation on Phytoremediation Capability of Artiplex (Atriplex sp.) and Oleander (Nerium oleander) in Aradkooh Landfill for Cadmium and Lead

M. Rafati; M. Malekzadeh; M. Firoozi

Volume 37, Issue 4 , September and October 2023, Pages 547-560


  Intruduction Increasing industrial activities with the production of pollutants, including heavy metals, is one of the serious problems of modern communities, which has led to their accumulation in the environment. Heavy metals are also one of the important pollutants in landfill leachate. Plants and ...  Read More

Research Article Soil science
Evaluation of Different Levels of Nitrogen Fertilizer and Cow Compost on the Yield and Nitrate Uptake of Allium hirtifolium in FereydunShahr Region

Z. Khanmohammadi; A. Ahmadi

Volume 37, Issue 4 , September and October 2023, Pages 561-574


  Introduction  Iranian shallot, scientifically known as Allium hirtifolium Boiss. is a perennial plant of the Allium genus and native to Iran. The Allium genus has many antioxidant properties due to its being rich in organic compounds of sulfur and phenol. The shallot is used to treat rheumatic ...  Read More

Research Article Soil science
The Effect of Rock Phosphate Acidification and Vermicompost on Phosphorus Release Kinetics in a Calcareous Soil

Z. Sokhanvar Mahani; N. Boroomand; M. Sarcheshmeh Pour

Volume 37, Issue 4 , September and October 2023, Pages 575-588


  IntroductionPhosphorus (P) is one of the most important elements necessary for plant growth and production of agricultural products. In calcareous soils, phosphorus deficiency is a general issue due to high pH, high soil calcium carbonate content, lack of organic matter and moisture. Phosphorus absorption ...  Read More

Research Article Soil science
Acid-modified Biochar Effect on Some Physiological Indicators and Micronutrient Availability of Quinoa (cv. Gizavan) in a Calcareous Soil

M. Bazi Abdoli; M. Barani Motlagh; A. Bostani; T. Nazari

Volume 37, Issue 4 , September and October 2023, Pages 589-602


  IntroductionOrganic matter and alkaline pH are the main causes of nutrient deficiencies in calcareous soils of arid and semi-arid regions. The availability of some nutritional elements, including the micronutrients such as iron, zinc, copper, and manganese is very low in calcareous soils, although the ...  Read More

Research Article Soil science
Comparing Soil Taxonomy and WRB Efficiency for the Classification of Gypsiferous-Calcareous Soils in the West of Kohgiluye-Boyerahmad Province

H.R. Owliaie

Volume 37, Issue 4 , September and October 2023, Pages 603-620


  Introduction  Soil classification is the systematic categorization of soils based on distinguishing soil characteristics, aiding in the comprehension of soil properties through soil surveys, and establishing suitable strategies for effective soil utilization and management. One of the main reasons ...  Read More

Research Article Agricultural Meteorology
Spatial-Temporal Analysis of Cloudiness Across the Iran

A. Gholami; H. Mir Mousavi,; M. Jalali; K. Raispour

Volume 37, Issue 4 , September and October 2023, Pages 621-641


  Introduction  Clouds can be considered as one of the most complex and influential variables of the atmosphere system in forming of the climate structure of the earth. When the condensation process takes place at a higher altitude than the earth's surface, it creates clouds. Cloudiness represents ...  Read More

Research Article Agricultural Meteorology
Seasonal Analysis of Reference Evapotranspiration and Its Sensitivity to Meteorological Elements in IRAN

A. Yahyavi Dizaj; T. Akbari Azirani; Sh. Khaledi; Kh. Javan

Volume 37, Issue 4 , September and October 2023, Pages 643-657


  IntroductionEvapotranspiration is the combination of two separate processes, soil moisture evaporation, and plant transpiration, which amount depends on various meteorological elements. Therefore, identifying the effective factors and the amount of their impact on reference evapotranspiration (ET0) is ...  Read More